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Connect aSa.Studio to third-party software

aSa.Studio APIs allow you to send and retrieve data from any third-party system that has its own open API. This means if you use an accounting, ERP, or CRM system that has an API (and many do!), you can share your aSa rebar data with that system, and vice versa.





Reduce errors

Changes in one system automatically update the other, so you don’t have to type the same information twice, removing the opportunity for typos and inconsistencies.

Maximize your investment

If you rely on an ERP, accounting, CRM, or other third-party system, connect aSa.Studio to that system via APIs. No need to purchase a new product or retrain employees.

Streamline your operation

API-driven changes to your data act as effective triggers for your software system or your personnel to take the “next step” in your company’s workflow.

Automate processes

Tasks such as updating spreadsheets or copying values from one system to another are tedious and error prone. Integration replaces manual tasks with smooth continuous communication between systems.
Solution Details
aSa APIs allow you to securely share data from thousands of aSa.Studio fields with other applications. You can pull information from aSa’s database to send to third-party systems. You can also push data from your third-party packages to aSa. For example, update inventory in an ERP system based on aSa.Studio stock rebar receipts, or create a customer in aSa.Studio based on activity in your CRM system. 




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aSa is the world’s leading provider of software for the reinforcing steel industry. Additionally, aSa develops specialized software for other construction-related markets, including precast concrete product manufacturers, concrete contractors, general contractors, architects, and engineers.

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