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Comprehensive accounting for aSa.Studio Financials

aSa.Studio Financials manages accounts receivable and rebar-specific tasks including inventory management, shipping, billing, cash receipts and job tracking. Microsoft Dynamics Business Central provides a complement to aSa tools with modules for Accounts Payable,  Multi-Currency Mangagement, General Ledger, and advanced financial reporting.





Connect your rebar and accounting systems 

aSa.Studio Financials activity automatically posts to Business Central GL. Built-in and customizable reports give you a clear picture of your finances.

Rely on aSa support

Even though Business Central is a Microsoft product, your setup, configuration, and support services are provided by the friendly experts in in aSa’s Business Applications Department.

Get control of your financial data

Handle multiple currencies, exchange rates, intercompany transactions, and localized tax regulations. Easily reconcile credit card statements, too.

Take advantage of Microsoft technology

Leverage office tools with Business Central. For example, import and export budget information to and from Microsoft Excel. Create financial dashboards with Power BI charts and graphs.
Solution Details

Microsoft 365 Business Central is aSa’s recommended back-end accounting solution for aSa.Studio Financials. The systems connect at key interface points. For example, posts are automatically made to BC's General Ledger ...

... when you receive and relieve inventory in Studio Financials

... when you ship material in aSa in Studio Financials

... when you receive cash in aSa in Studio Financials

Both systems are cloud-based, so you can get powerful insight into your business anywhere you have an internet connection, whether you’re in the office, on the plant floor, at the jobsite ... or lounging on the beach.





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