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Built to exceed the needs of detailers, fabricators, placers, and engineers, aSa CAD/Detailing combines the engineering design tools of Bentley ProStructures with aSa-developed applications for detailing and managing rebar information.

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Decrease turn-around time

aSa software automates every step of the detailing process, from initial project setup to easy material takeoff directly from the drawing.

Eliminate tedious drawing tasks

Beam, Column, Linear Area, and many other detailing tools are built into the system. You enter the basics such as clearances and laps, and the program handles all the drawing and detailing.

Reduce shortages & errors

Built-in calculations and error-checking help prevent mistakes. The system tracks each item, so you always know what is taken off and what remains.

Accommodate fabricating and placing needs

Tag messages, special material groupings, and placer-specific reports allow you to help shop and field crews work more efficiently.
Solution Details

aSa CAD/Detailing gives you the competitive advantage. Detailing is simple, fast, and error-free; drawings are clear and placer-friendly; reports show up-to-the-minute job progress; and material is tracked through the shop and field via aSa’s integrated software products.


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