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With aSa, you get more than a spot in the cloud to host your software. You get a turn-key computing solution maintained by aSa’s team of experts. Our experienced IT team will configure and monitor your cloud resources to ensure maximum efficiency; install and maintain your aSa.Studio software; assist with backups and disaster recovery; and much more.

It’s all included in your aSa Cloud!

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Industry-leading technology

aSa Cloud Solutions is a service built on Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing platform. In addition to being extremely secure and powerful, Azure has data centers around the globe. This means your data will be hosted in your part of the world.

Affordable cloud hosting

While you have the option to self-host or use a third-party provider for your aSa.Studio system, running Studio as a SaaS (Software as a Service) with aSa provides you with the best value. We leverage our partnership with Microsoft and pool resources to get you the best monthly rates.

Automatic backups and software updates

You don’t have to worry about setting up and monitoring backups, or changing tapes and drives. It all happens automatically and off-site. aSa will set up your aSa.Studio database and software in the cloud. When it’s time to upgrade, we handle that, too.

Security you can count on

You’ll have your own custom SSL-secured URL for running aSa.Studio. The Microsoft Azure platform protects your system from common web vulnerabilities and exploits with built-in web application and database security. Regardless of your hosting tier, only you have access to your data. Period.
Solution Details

We offer multiple service tiers to meet the budget and computing needs of any operation, large or small. Pick the service tier that’s right for you. Switch tiers at any time as your needs change. 
ALL tiers include ...
- Convenient monthly payment plan.
- Your own custom SSL-secured URL, such as MyCompany.aSa.Studio.
- Automatic backups and disaster recovery.
- System configuration, monitoring, and maintenance by aSa’s IT staff.




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aSa is the world’s leading provider of software for the reinforcing steel industry. Additionally, aSa develops specialized software for other construction-related markets, including precast concrete product manufacturers, concrete contractors, general contractors, architects, and engineers.

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