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Get the most from your shop! With aSa Processing, your crew will fabricate more steel in less time with fewer mistakes, improving customer satisfaction and increasing profitability.

  • Strategically plan fabrication.
  • Optimize material for better production rates and less scrap.
  • Automate your rebar machinery.
  • Keep your crew on track with professional-quality bundle tags, reports, and check lists.
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Achieve total shop management

Easy-to-read schedules, tags, and reports guide your crew through the entire fabrication process, from shake-out, to cutting, tagging, crane calls, bending, end preparation, material movement, and trailer loading.

Reduce scrap

aSa Processing calculates effective cutting combinations so you can improve yield and reduce scrap. Additionally, planning tools help you to easily use up your existing remnants.

Boost production rates

In addition to optimizing for material yield, aSa’s computer-generated shearing instructions consider machine capacities, bundling parameters, material movement, and other factors that affect overall productivity rates.

Take the guesswork out of material handling

You can easily “interrupt” pre-planned production to fabricate unexpected walk-in orders. For the ultimate flexibility, implement aSa production on demand functionality, and print each tag in the shop right when you need it.
Solution Details

aSa Processing generates a variety of helpful reports that guide your crew through all phases of fabrication, from shaking out stock, to cutting bars, tagging bundles, material movement, and finally loading fabricated steel for delivery. aSa-generated tags include barcodes that you scan to automate your rebar machinery and track fabrication steps. 




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