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aSa’s Information Technology team provides the equipment, services, and support that you need to set up and maintain your computer system in today’s ever-changing business environment.

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Outfit your operation for the future

aSa supplies a complete line of computing hardware products, including desktop and notebook PCs, printers, modems, and more. aSa also supplies and configures operating system, database, anti-virus, and data backup software.

Save money on computer hardware

aSa has been a Dell (TM) solution provider since 2001. aSa custom-orders and configures Dell hardware to maximize productivity for the software you run. Dell computers supplied by aSa include three-year on-site warranties.

Eliminate setup time and hassle

aSa can install your hardware on-site, or we can configure PCs and load your software in-house before shipping components out to you – when you receive the package, all you’ll need to do is unload the boxes, plug everything in, and go to work.

Get the right answers right now

When you’ve got a problem with your operating system, hardware, networking, or printing, aSa’s staff of trained professionals can help you get back on track. Use aSa’s toll-free 800 number, e-mail, and web resources to find the answers to your tech support questions.



Since aSa is such a strategic partner for our business, it only makes sense to buy our hardware from the same people who provide our rebar software. (Purchasing computers from aSa) eliminates the question, 'Who should I call?' aSa is a one-stop shop for software and hardware support.


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We work with leading hardware and software companies so that we can serve you better.







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aSa is the world’s leading provider of software for the reinforcing steel industry. Additionally, aSa develops specialized software for other construction-related markets, including precast concrete product manufacturers, concrete contractors, general contractors, architects, and engineers.

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